Thais Breton

Attractive video content has become an essential component in our society’s current move towards new technologies. Whether you are looking to create a unique commercial campaign or film an event your company is hosting, sharing impactful and qualitative videos with potential clients is vital to the success of any business plan. Thaïs Breton, a Singapore and France based filmmaker, brings her cinematographic skills and creativity to create bold and unique videos that are affordable yet still have a strong production value.

Thaïs Breton received a BA (Hons) in film production at LASALLE’s Puttnam School of Film in Singapore in 2014, graduating with First Class Honours, an Academic Excellence in the Arts award and the prestigious McNally award, given to the best student of each year’s graduating cohort.

Thaïs has been working actively as a videographer with clients from all over the world. Being exposed to such cultural diversity in countries that offer stunning backdrops provides her with great inspiration and further strengthens the artistry in her work. She has started working in Singapore in Hurrah Productions as an editor since march 2017.