Directed, shot and edited by: Thaïs Breton
2nd camera: Wenxian Lee, Jolinna Ang
Produced by: Charlene Chung
Art Director: Thaïs Breton and Lexi Lee
Art Assistant: Lexi Lee, Charlene Chung

Take Off is a TVC for Project Happy Feet, an association that aims to improve the lives of underprivileged children of the world. The video, which is partly constituted of real footage from Cambodia, is specific to many contemporary matters. Indeed, with the growing reach of globalization, kids from all over the world wear branded goods, but do not necessary level the extent of poverty and how different a childhood can be from your ideal middle-class scheme.
Take Off is merely an education tool for children, it is a reminder to the world that there is more to materialism: although some of this film’s kids are wearing some very expensive branded shoes, they do not hesitate to remove them when it comes to helping their equal. It is their innocence, their simplicity that I wanted to portray in this short film, ultimately shaping into a piece of light for adults who have too often drowned in the world of distorted notions of utilitarianism.

1:09 MIN, HD 16:9

A Puttnam School of Film Production
©MMXIII LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
All rights reserved.